The QLife+ project is based on scientific and technological developments in the areas of quality of life and mobile devices, with the aim of creating a new paradigm for the evaluation and use of QoL.

It is intended to design an information system (IS) that will use the patient's physical and behavioral data, collected through wearable and mobile devices, together with computational learning techniques, allowing the evaluation of QoL to be performed continuously. The aim is to create a less intrusive QoL measurement instruments in the patient's daily life than those that currently exist, while at the same time significantly reducing response time. The process is based on the prediction of responses to QoL questionnaires from these data.
The IS will adapt continuously to each patient, learning from it, allowing prediction of responses to be personalized. The project will use the results of R & D provided by the QoLis project, which allows to process the answers of questionnaires and to calculate, from these, the QoL of each patient.

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